1961 Pink Cadillac

The first place winner of the Your Ultimate Finish Axalta competition is a beautiful Fontana Rose 1961 Cadillac Coupe Deville, proudly owned by Don Santarone from South Australia. The car oozes class and with its long flanks and little fins on the rear, the car has a shape that people can’t get enough of. The name DeVille came from the French language meaning “of the town”. The 1961 models were a new body, after the famous 1959 big fins that the designer, Harley Earl, wanted to see on the top end of a General Motors vehicle. This car has a [...]

1924 Indian Bobber Motorcycle

John Naismith’s custom bobber motorcycle is a truly amazing work of art.  It is a combination of different bikes. The main base is a 1924 Indian Chief. This is a rare bike on its own, but John has combined this with a 1944 bike to give a totally unique outcome. The bike has a 1200cc Chief motor with a three-speed gearbox. The paint is a luscious Indian Maroon with direct gloss. The Indian decals are proper gold leaf, painted onto the bike freehand. A bobber can be a custom styled motorbike from the 1930s to the present day. Typically, [...]

1965 Mack Truck

Matt Stephenson from MLS Truck Repairs in Riverstone, Sydney restored a rare 1965 Mack Truck. The choice to restore an old truck is becoming more and more popular with car enthusiasts. This is evident at any show of old machinery across the country. Nothing stands out amongst the less imposing restorations more than a big red truck. This excellent example of mechanical attention to detail is truly part of the family – it has only ever had one owner/operator, who approached Matt from MLS Truck Repairs to restore the truck to its former glory for the vehicle’s special 50th [...]